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That's me!       Michael Ferreri

  I have spent over two decades in the architecture industry, and while I enjoy the challenges it brings, somewhere along the way I felt like something was missing. I filled that void with photography, where the creative potential is substantially greater, being less restricted by things like building codes and material costs. When I see my photos become a Facebook profile picture or used in a marketing campaign, or hear that they’ve been proudly emailed around to friends and family, I know I’ve done my job.


  My style varies and has been described as emotional, natural, modern, and edgy.  For me, photography is more than producing images; it’s about capturing emotion, freezing moments in time.  I believe a great photo should grab your attention, draw you in, and evoke a feeling, and that's what I'm shooting for with every click of the shutter.

What should you expect from me?


My work is about you, the client. It could be a wedding or birthday, a new addition to the family, or a significant life event that you want to remember fondly in the years to come. Seizing moments through the lens of my camera and wringing every drop of emotion out of them takes an open mind and acute awareness of my surroundings, and that’s what I bring to the table.


When I’m behind the camera you can expect a professional, but relaxed and friendly approach that’s conducive to capturing those perfect shots. If the bride is nervous or the children are shy, I like to capture that – it’s part of who they are, and it often produces a stunning image. But I also want to get beyond those walls and showcase how you and others know that person – the brilliant smile, the comedian, the contagious giggle. I want to give you the full spectrum and surprise you with images you never imagined.


To find out more about the things you (n)ever wanted to know or to hear about how I’m the right man for the job, contact me by email or call me at (585) 208-7423 to chat or set up a free consultation.

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